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Diseño Gráfico

“That which is beautiful is also useful”

The words paraphrase an old Spanish saying which Mil Imagen personnel have taken to heart. They may be creating an advertisement, designing a company logo or simply sketching the background for a restaurant menu but in all cases the sense of the words can be seen in the finished product.

Applying creativity, talent and skill while exploiting the most up to date technologies is what gains our graphic studio its reputation.


Many people only think about advertising when approached by a salesman selling space on his particular media. If business is good they will probably decide to order – a decision which could be questionable on several counts.

Firstly, because if things are going well the advertising may not really be necessary at this point. However, it will almost certainly be needed when business is difficult. Secondly, is the medium being proposed the best one for the particular business? Using the correct media is vital and choice should never be based on convenience.

Many traders tend to favour the numerous newspapers and magazines with which they are acquainted. That was fine in the early days but it overlooks the big demographic changes which have been taking place on the island, both as regards tourists and residents. An important potential market exists among those who cannot read these publications and it therefore seems unwise to exclude it.

Where it is desired to avoid the language problem, while ensuring maximum diffusion, a well distributed street map would seem to be the best medium.

Some Guidelines:

Unfortunately, most of the effort and expense which goes into advertising does not achieve the desired result. The reasons are many but mainly it is because, as just discussed, it is a subject which is not given proper importance.

The one off approach is not good enough. Continuity is what counts and even the smallest companies should have an advertising strategy and budget accordingly.

The text of an advertisement is perhaps the most important part. Words should be kept to a minimum and therefore each one needs to be carefully selected and weighed.

Keep it simple. There may be many things you would like to say about your product but if people get tired reading them the impact is lost.

Good design cannot be overstressed and as far as possible adverts should be in harmony with any image already created. Colours too should match.

Mil Imagen is always willing to help and, as its personnel are all multilingual, you can be confident that you will avoid the misunderstandings and spelling errors which unfortunately detract from so much otherwise excellent publicity.

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